Yuck! Why does my jewelry turn my skin green?

April 11, 2021 1 Comment

Yuck! Why does my jewelry turn my skin green?

Remember that sentimental personalized necklace and ring set you got for Christmas from your boyfriend last year? The one with your initials and anniversary date on it? Remember how you quit wearing them because they started tarnishing and turning your neck and finger black. Ugh...

It really wasn't his fault. He took the time and really looked for a meaningful gift from the heart and had it personalized just for you, but had no idea that within days most costume jewelry starts to tarnish. Why does this happen so quickly, seemingly overnight? 

  • Skin acids - our skin acids react with the metals and finishes on the jewelry we wear. 
  • Skin products - Lotions, hand soap, shampoo - All the chemicals we use to moisturize and keep ourselves clean react with the metal and finishes on the jewelry we wear also.
  • Silver, Copper and metal alloys that contain nickel have the potential to tarnish and turn your skin color. There are a majority of people who have a high sensitivity/allergy to nickel and should avoid any jewelry containing this metal.
  • Aluminum and Stainless Steel are the perfect costume jewelry metal. Why, you ask? 
    1. Hypoallergenic
    2. Non-tarnish (won't turn your skin green or black!)
    3. Affordable

Interesting fact: Even fine jewelry like 14k and 24k gold can appear to turn your skin black. This is actually buildup from sweat and dirt that has made its way under and around the piece of jewelry and into the creases of your skin. Gross...

So, what are the tricks to help prevent this from happening? 

  1. The best trick is to buy aluminum or stainless steel. No worries about tarnishing
  2. Take them off around water
  3. But, clean them with very mild soap and water, dry them before wearing
  4. Use clear nail polish - a thin coat goes a long way. You will need to reapply it periodically as it will wear off.

Here at Hand Stamped Trinkets, we use a product called ProtectaClear on all of our metals. We have no affiliation with them, we just love the quality of the product and how well it protects and seals. Most of our metals are aluminum and stainless steel however, we do protect the writing with a sealant of ProtectaClear for longevity. 

Watch the  video from our YouTube channel to see how We seal our jewelry 👇 Don’t forget to subscribe!


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