Customized Couple Bracelets - Personalized Golden Bangle Cuffs

Matching his and hers!  These custom bracelets make the perfect set to wear everyday!  Let your boyfriend or girlfriend know you are on their side, and there for them always by reminding them each time they look at their special gift.  

Each bracelet is personalized with your own initials and bracelets measure 1/8" wide and 6" long. We are excited to offer a gold alternative using Nu-gold metal. Nu-gold is durable, affordable and an exquisite alternative to gold!       

•PERSONALIZATION: Once added to cart there is a box labeled “Note for Hand Stamped Trinkets” – All personalized information goes here.

Need it Gift Wrapped?

•Our personalized jewelry is hand stamped. Please allow up to 3 days for your order to ship from our studio.

 •CARE: For longevity, please avoid exposing bracelets to moisture when possible and keep away from chemical cleaning agents such as hand soap and shampoo. Nu-Gold will tarnish over time as it is not a fine metal such as gold however; You will receive a FREE polishing cloth with each cuff.

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