Zero Fucks Given Funny Statement Rings - Feminist Jewelry

This unique handmade zero fucks ring features a 5mm wide adjustable band.  
These bands are made of flawless and durable 1100 food grade aluminum that will not tarnish.
High quality aluminum is a perfect alternative to Sterling Silver and wears just as well if not better as it is hypoallergenic!


PERSONALIZATION: Once added to cart there is a box labeled “Note for Hand Stamped Trinkets” – All personalized information goes here.


Our personalized jewelry is hand stamped in our studio at the time of purchase so please allow up to 3 days for your order to ship. However, we try to ship within 24 hours!



CARE: For longevity, please avoid exposing jewelry to moisture when possible and keep away from chemical cleaning agents such as hand soap and shampoo.